Antonio Zeno

Antonio Zeno is currently the Co-Chairman of Zeno Brothers Construction. He complements and works hand in hand with his brother, Paolo Zeno, by focusing on the financial aspect of the company and ensuring that all funding, investments, and other financial concerns are all organized and accounted for.

As a financial executive with more than a decade of experience and expertise, Antonio has been successful in driving profits and benefits to Zeno Brothers Construction and its clients. Because of his knowledge and understanding of even the most complex contracts and documents, he has promoted profitability, revenue, and growth for the company and its business partners. He has made it possible for every transaction to be valuable to everyone, including the community where each project is located.

Under Antonio’s leadership, every financial transaction is meticulously dissected to provide the best for each party involved. His goal is to channel all resources towards minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue. Because of this, he has always encouraged quality of service, efficiency in production, and cost-effective management of resources.

By continuously upholding the values of Zeno Brothers Construction, Antonio has accomplished a clean and solid financial portfolio for the company. With the funding of Zeno Group Investments, which Antonio also leads with Paolo, Zeno Brothers Construction has flourished and expanded in just a matter of years.

This attests to the excellent analytical skills, technical ability, and sound judgment that Antonio has demonstrated throughout the years. He is a determined and passionate leader whose decisions and feedback are very valuable to Zeno Brothers Construction.

antonio zeno