Paolo Zeno

As the Chairman and CEO of Zeno Brothers Construction Inc., Paolo Zeno is not just knowledgeable but also passionate about the construction industry. He graduated with a degree in Construction Engineering and soon succeeded his father, Sir Arnaldo Gani Zeno, in leading Zeno Brothers Construction.

For over a decade of excellent leadership, Paolo has succeeded in championing various contracts and projects in the construction, engineering, and project management sectors in Africa, Europe, and other key cities throughout the globe. He has also spearheaded the technological advancement of the company’s procedures and resources to better provide for the growing demands of the clients.

Handling business negotiations with professionalism and expertise is one of Paolo’s strongest points. He has managed to win countless of clients because of his ability to pinpoint the exact requirements of each project and finish it on time and within budget.

Paolo doesn’t just oversee the projects of Zeno Brothers Construction from afar; he is very hands-on with every aspect and his keen attention to detail can be recognized through his active involvement with the site managers and key personnel of each project.

Because of Paolo’s huge contribution to the expansion of the company’s operations, Zeno Brothers Construction is now regarded as one of the leaders in the construction and engineering industry.

All of these accomplishments have been made possible because of Paolo’s innate understanding and appreciation for the complex world of construction. He has a natural flair for building structures and making them last for generations. He also has a strong passion for combining art and science – creative and technical – to come up with the best and most innovative plans for each project entrusted to Zeno Brothers Construction.

As such, Zeno Brothers Construction has flourished under the leadership of Paolo Zeno, allowing it to provide a range of topnotch services to businesses and communities here and abroad.

paolo zeno